ActioNsight – Portfolio Management Solutions

MasterServ Financial offers a portfolio management, risk analysis and resolution assessment software tool to lenders, servicers and compliance organizations, known as ActioNsight,  Organizations derive greater asset value from their portfolio through an increased visibility into the various lending dynamics and changing financial conditions that drive loan compliance. Costs are more effectively controlled as troubled assets are highlighted and actionable solutions identified thereby eliminating the avoidable costs associated with restructuring and foreclosure.

ActioNsight is a single tool that can manage your portfolio, including:

  • Distressed assets
  • REO management
  • Quality assurance
  • Loss mitigation

ActioNsight reliably identifies changes in borrower income, employment, property value and new obligations since closing to provide a comprehensive and ongoing view into EACH asset’s health.  This view enables organizations to make adjustments that improve the performance and increase value of the overall portfolio.